For 35 years MAINGAARD has been composing. He came home one day 9 years old and asked his parents for piano lessons and.... a piano. Luckily they fulfilled his wishes despite the costs and at the expense of other things. MAINGAARD grew up in a small town in Jutland, Denmark.

Up until June 2018 he has never published any songs or compositions in his own name. Find Your Key is his debut single in the name MAINGAARD (pronounced MEIN or MINE GUARD in english). Find Your Key he wrote to his son who has been struggling to find a place in life diagnosed with ADHD. Find Your Key was a way to tell his son: "I see you".. "I understand you" - try not to let all your life be defined by a bunch of letters... write your own harmonies - transpose the ADHD "All you want to B the change that you wish to C......"